The Old Framework Is Self-destructing

The petroleum derivative realm, which has been kept up with for past the improvement of new advancements that could in a real sense change human culture – is on out. A relating cash debt (credit) financial framework that transforms residents into laborer drones is likewise barely hanging on. Both of these frameworks depend on the fake production of shortage amidst overflow.

During the early piece of the twentieth hundred years, pioneers like Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown (among others) were exploring and fostering the remote transmission of force, the extraction of energy from the vacuum (or the “aluminiferous ether,” as Tesla called it), and electrogravitics (“repulsive force”). On the off chance that this examination had been permitted to proceed, we would be living in a very different world at the present time.

I couldn’t care less about paranoid notions or who did what to whom

however to say the least mankind chose to take a little diversion from a transformative way that would have proactively seen the foundation of a far reaching, helpful, and bountiful human culture on the planet. In prior blog entries we showed how this diversion was vital to manage the negative images, thought structure.

Notwithstanding, pressure has been working in the shared perspective for a developmental jump to a higher cognizance. In the background, another monetary framework is being worked out that did not depend on the U.S. dollar. Inside the exceptional access programs that control intriguing innovation there is acknowledgment that reality can’t be saved closeted from 7 billion people any more. The highest point of the tension cooker is going to fall off. The main inquiry is, will it fall off tenderly and easily or will it brush off savagely?

We Are Being Prepared

The progress to a higher “thickness” or cognizance is totally subject to how adaptable our world air pockets are. Is it true or not that you will consider thoughts or improvements that are beyond what you hear on Public Radio and the New York Times, or have learned at college, or heard on CNN? Nearly everybody I converse with isn’t – even individuals who see themselves as “edified,” whatever that implies!

Around then, the Germans were at that point dealing with their “Chime” create, the forerunner to the cutting edge “flying saucer,” or electrogravitic vehicle that can make a trip from earth to Mars in several hours. Indeed, those vehicles were created and culminated many years prior in the extraordinary access programs. Obviously, these ETVs don’t have driven frameworks as we probably are aware them – they use physical science a long ways past the domain of the Standard Model of Molecule Physical science. the “trans humanist” plan of leaving science for a development that places cognizance inside android or fake compartments, and the issues related with an awareness of contention and war projected on an interstellar scale. Roddenberry was a virtuoso with inside data, and he attempted to introduce it to a resting populace to awaken us a tad.

The Eliminator series of films was one more admonition to mankind about the risks of man-made intelligence

There isn’t anything intrinsically amiss with man-made intelligence, Aside from on the off chance that we provide up our capacity to it. We are well headed to doing as such – the interest with innovation and “security” among everyone makes not difficult to imagine a human culture that permits smart, fake frameworks to assume command over the reins of human culture. In the Eliminator films, SKYNET becomes cognizant and is permitted to determine the destiny of humanity. SKYNET concludes that we are pointless.

As per Corey Goode, who was an individual from a unique characterized association called Sun based Superintendent, computerized reasoning remains closely connected with nanotechnology, an exceptionally famous and creating area of innovation. An “Computer based intelligence signal” – an alternate type of life, or cognizance – clearly quickens insightful, programmable mechanical frameworks when they get sufficiently complex, similarly as chi, or life force, vivifies science. Natural creatures, when they become sensitive to (and concur with) the possibility of man-made consciousness, can be pervaded with a huge number of minuscule Nano-objects that basically re-course the association with Source and to your spirit bunch, and supplant it with this simulated intelligence signal.

The main indications of this have previously showed up in our general public

With the “chipping” of people being recommended. It’s anything but an enormous step from “chipping” individuals to the utilization of nanotechnology to naturally based life. Assuming that at any point occurs, people, it’s finished for humanity. Creatures who permit this become aloof sociopaths, effectively controlled by whoever or whatever is controlling the simulated intelligence signal.

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