Software Based on the Soft Magic Dice Blackjack Game

Since its founding in November 2014, the gaming software developer known as Soft Magic Dice (SMD) is one of the more recent companies in its industry. Multiple websites we’ve visited suggest that SMD was established in 2012, yet the company’s website states that it was launched in 2014.

On its website, SMD also states that one of their goals is to become one of the top three online gaming providers.

Because they have been accused of spamming gamers and providing bad customer assistance, they are off to a rough start in this objective, which will be covered in more detail later on in this article.

Do you need to stay away from their blackjack games as a result of this information?

Let’s find out by examining at the main elements of SMD blackjack, the games, the locations where their blackjack versions are located, and any other information we can uncover about Soft Magic Dice.

General Considerations Regarding the Game of Soft Magic Dice Blackjack

Rule of Seven Card Charlie

Blackjack Pro, Blackjack Classic, and Blackjack Royale are the three real money blackjack games that can be played at SMD.

At first look, the rules of these games seem to be indistinguishable from one another. On closer study, however, it was discovered that royal blackjack has the greatest betting limits, and that both royal blackjack and Blackjack Pro use the 7-card Charlie rule.

If you are given seven cards and are able to keep your hand from breaking, you will win automatically thanks to this rule. The fact that 7-card Charlie is not offered by a large majority of software suppliers is one of the ways in which SMD stands apart.

The visuals

The visuals on every single one of SMD’s blackjack games are really simplistic.

On each table is a piece of green felt that hasn’t been given the same level of shine as the other tables. In comparison to the intricately carved wooden frames that we’ve seen across the industry, the black-felted table rim seems to be somewhat unremarkable.

The chip stacks that are located at the rear of the table have some of the most impressive detail. In contrast to the table’s other unremarkable features, the card shoe stands out as a really attractive design element.

Green and blue felt colors are offered by a number of software vendors to give gamers a variety of appearances. Not so with SMD, which seems to maintain its original form throughout all three variations.

Table Arrangement

The lack of sophistication extends beyond the aesthetics to include the table arrangements as well. The lack of sophistication is consistent throughout.

You’ll find the different denominations of chips in the bottom left-hand corner, along with a spot to place your wagers and a sign that details the lowest and highest possible wagers.

Even though these are the only requirements need to play online blackjack, SMD does not provide any of the other features that can be found on the blackjack tables offered by other providers.

To be more specific, it does not seem at all like a table that would be found in a traditional land-based casino since there aren’t any other areas where other players would seat.

If all you want to do is play blackjack and aren’t concerned with a realistic table, then you won’t be bothered by this at all. However, if you are looking for a realistic blackjack experience, you should go elsewhere since this is not the right blackjack supplier for you.

Music and Other Audio Effects

There is no background music available in any of SMD’s blackjack games. However, when you win on each of the variations, they each have their own unique sound effects. Some examples are as follows:

When you win hands in Blackjack Pro, the game makes a ringing sound.
When a player wins at traditional blackjack or royal blackjack, a ringing sound and a yelling guy appear on the screen.
You’ll also hear the cards being flipped over, and a blip will sound if you take a defeat.

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